1D and 2D Modelling Expertise Expanded with Highly Regarded Training
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April 25, 2019

Envireau Water’s Hydrologist, Rebecca Haw, recently attended a three day intensive Flood Modeller 1D and 2D course. The course involved developing her extensive knowledge of model construction looking at complex 1D, 2D and 1D/2D linked models.

Through lectures run by the software developers and hands-on practicals, 1D topics covered were floodplain modelling, intricate inline channel structure (such as bridges and culverts with spills) and logic controlled water management structures. This led onto 2D multi domain models which enables detailed analysis of flow pathways over a land surface, taking into account land cover and solid structures.

The ability to connect 1D and 2D models has enabled us previously to model overbank flow from a 1D river model onto a 2D flood plain. Following this training, complex 2D models can be constructed from dam breaches to assess the impact of a failure of a retaining wall to floodplains with bridges and culverts disconnected from the main 1D watercourse. This enables our dedicated surface water team to scrutinise flow pathways within a floodplain at a detailed level identifying areas at risk from flooding.

Rebecca commented: “It was a great experience which has provided me with a more in-depth knowledge of model construction and diagnostics for complex systems both in 1D and 2D. I look forward to putting this into practice with projects to demonstrate the specialist expertise that Envireau Water’s surface water team has.”

Envireau Water’s application of Flood Modeller 1D, 2D and 1D/2D hydraulic models provides our clients with an industry leading service in:

  • Dam breach analysis to confirm hazard classification and dam-failure inundation mapping in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Guide to Risk Assessment for Reservoir Safety Management
  • Integrated floodplain and urban drainage flood risk assessment
  • Flood inundation from fluvial and direct rainfall events
  • River and wetland restoration
  • Impact of climate change on flood risk

If you want to know more about our modelling services, please contact our inhouse expert, Rebecca Haw, directly on 01332 871 872 or rebecca@envireauwater.co.uk.