A Wild Haggis Chase!
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January 25, 2019

Happy Burns Night to our clients, suppliers and friends north of the border! We went on a haggis hunt at lunchtime around the village of Draycott, where our Head Office is based, to see if we could get our hands on a wild haggis…

A plan was hatched…

James Dodds, Chairperson, Lauren Moore, Graduate Assistant and Leanne Thomas, Marketing Co-ordinator set off from our head office with all required PPE in place:

On the hunt…

We heard a rustle in the bushes. We sent in the boss with the haggis basher!

Another sighting, this haggis put up a bit of a fight:

Och aye the noooo, he’s off….

Ahhhhhh the haggis has got the better of James!

We cannae find James anywhere?

A ha! A big thank you to Dundas, the village butcher, for supplying us with a pre-prepared haggis:

This big beastie was a bit too heavy to lift:

Settled with a wee yin…delicious! Happy Burns Night all!