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July 1, 2019

A growing problem

Droughts are becoming more commonplace in the UK and it is important that management plans are in place for future droughts around the country. The risk of harm to people, the environment and the economy from drought is one of the Governments’ core goals for improvement over the next 25 years.


About Drought conference

James Dodds, our Water Management Specialist, chaired an afternoon group at the About Drought conference in Birmingham. This conference brings together groundwater professionals to generate evidence and take guidance from the community with the aim to produce two items:

– A short policy brief on groundwater planning and management in the UK.
– A longer article for peer-reviewed literature about current groundwater drought planning and management, with an assessment of the future research directions and requirements.

Meeting to discuss the status of the UK’s groundwater drought planning and management is timely, considering recent government and industry initiatives. As well as the Governments’ prioritisation of drought management, recent technical developments have advanced the field.


Data and resources

The UKWIR Drought Vulnerability Framework has been published, the NERC-funded UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme has published work, and the UKCP18 data has been published. Water supply companies in England will soon be preparing Water Resource Management Plans for the next planning cycle, so the knowledge from this conference will be useful to them.


How we can help you

At Envireau Water, we are experts in water management. If you have water supply problems, irrigation issues or a water shortage, we can find solutions for you. We can provide expert advice from the planning stage right through to the licensing and environmental permits. Get in touch with us today.