Abstraction Licence Secured For Client In Shropshire
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June 28, 2019

At Envireau Water, we find solutions to problems. Our agricultural client, PDM Produce, in Shropshire acquired some new land and needed a water supply for spray irrigation in order to grow on the land.

Abstracting from the principal aquifer in the area was problematic as there were historic licensing issues, which meant there was a risk that a licence wouldn’t be renewed in the future. Furthermore, there were numerous private water supplies in the local area, and the owners of these boreholes were concerned that their water supplies would be impacted by the construction and operation of a new borehole supply.

Envireau Water conducted extensive research and proposed drilling a borehole to investigate a secondary aquifer in the area. The trial borehole confirmed that the yield from the secondary aquifer was sufficient for our client’s water supply needs and a production borehole was subsequently drilled.

The Environment Agency issued a full licence with limited conditions. Because of the efforts of our team, our client is now able to abstract the water that they need for spray irrigation and has been successful in growing water intensive crops on land where it was previously not possible.

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