Annual Abstraction Returns Due
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April 16, 2019

Most abstraction licences require abstractors to accurately measure and report the quantity of water abstracted. The deadline for abstractors to complete their annual returns is fast approaching on the 28th April. Failure to submit a return could lead to enforcement action by the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales so it is important to meet the deadline.

If you need support in submitting your abstraction return, or similarly, need help with changing your licence, Envireau Water are here to help. For over 20 years, we have been successfully supporting clients to get the water that they need. We can assure you that where there is just cause, our good reputation, strong relationships and wealth of experience ensures the strongest possible case is presented with every option explored to ensure a successful outcome.

Whilst we’re talking about meters, did you know that our team here at Envireau Water are experts in flow meter verification?

Why is this important?

Incorrect measurement and recording of flow volumes not only causes issues with system failure, but more importantly could result in over abstraction leading to an abstraction licence breach, or possibly worse, under abstraction and restricting production.

It is the abstractor’s responsibility to ensure that the method of recording is robust and the recording equipment is working to required parameters, as advocated by the regulatory authorities.

Most abstraction licences carry conditions through regular inspection and records of calibration and calibration certificates.

If the flow meter has to be removed to be examined, abstraction comes to a stop. With inspections and calibration taking place on a regular basis, it quickly becomes an impractical, time consuming and expensive task.

Using an externally fitted instrument provides a quick, cost effective way of verifying that installed meters are working properly.

Getting it right

Envireau Water uses top of the range, calibrated equipment which allows operations to continue uninterrupted, while the meter verification is undertaken.

If the installed equipment is working as expected, we provide a regulator approved verification certificate. If a fault is diagnosed or offsite calibration is required, our team work to find a practical, cost effective solution. Get in touch on 01332 871 882 or to see how we can support you.