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November 2, 2016

Over 100 borehole operators, specialists, designers and regulators from across the UK gathered in the East Midlands for the highly acclaimed 2016 Borehole Users Conference.


Mike Packman, Chief Hydrogeologist at Southern Water provided insight on the issues important to the public supply sector and how these impact on borehole design and operation.


James Dodds, Managing Director at Envireau Water delivered a presentation by Alastair Black from Groundwater Science focusing on how to define and delineate catchments.


Envireau Water’s Dr Phil Ham returned by popular demand to put what we learned from the previous speakers into the perspective of the independent water abstractor.


Mark Webb, Area Sales Manager, Grundfos UK provided practical information and knowledge of the operation and selection of pumps.


John Calder, Technical Director from Dura Pump focused on understanding the power requirements, control and efficiency of pumped systems.


Delegates had the opportunity to quiz the contractors. Questions were taken from the floor, to three of the top UK water well drilling contractors:

• Brian Morgan, Managing Director, WB & AD Morgan
• Keith Myers, Contracts Manager, PR Marriott
• Michael Bushby, Contracts Manager, Drilcorp

Questions focused on the practical aspects of construction and maintaining boreholes as well as the requirements for improved standards within the industry.


The British Soft Drinks Association hosted a sell-out Bottled Waters Technical Workshop in parallel to the conference.



All the presentations are now available in the Envireau Knowledge section of our website.
Envireau Knowledge is hosted by Envireau Water. It provides a forum for sharing and allows you to access an invaluable range of information and analysis, and the best part is…it’s totally FREE. Log in here.


Delegates had the chance to browse our highly acclaimed trade exhibition covering borehole drillers, pump & equipment suppliers, laboratory services, geophysics, monitoring equipment specialists and more.


The 2016 exhibitors included:



“Looking forward to next year already”Martin Whitehead, Group Technical and Quality Manager, Angel Waterlogic

“I am a first time visitor to the Borehole Users Conference and don’t have experience of boreholes. I found this most informative, constructive and well organised event.” – Alan Krause, Site Engineering Manager, Cott Beverages Ltd

“An excellent opportunity to network with a ‘community’ that is outside my normal networking circle, bringing new information and ideas”Allen Owen, Technical and Environmental Manger, Radnor Hills Mineral Water Ltd

Extremely useful to hear from the best experts available and talk to like-minded users and share experience”Keith Scholes, Group Quality Manager, AG Barr plc

“As a graduate, I have found the conference extremely informative and interesting. I have learned new things and met/networked with various different, and lovely, people. ”Megan Fee, Graduate

“A valuable and informative day. Defining catchments was very well presented, this complete subject was clearly explained, and could be very well understood by people of limited previous knowledge”John Davies

“An interesting conference and great for networking”Sarah Newbury, Hydrogeologist, Northumbrian Water

“Great opportunity to share knowledge”John Calder, Technical Director, Dura Pump

“All in all a good conference. I feel now it’s becoming a club and everybody looks forward to the next year”Michael Bushby, Contracts Manager, Drilcorp

“Well worth attending, I found the coffee breaks useful to meet potential customers and to hear their needs and issues.”Andy Smedley, Technical Engineer, Astech Engineering Services Ltd

Some interesting leads from a great cross section of applications”Nigel Grimsley, Managing Director, OTT Hydrometry

A great opportunity to meet other suppliers and end users, as well as being able to discuss common problems and best practices.”Mark Webb, Area Sales Manager, Grundfos

This was an excellent vehicle for meeting prospective customers and suppliers” – Pat Rose, Energy Optimisation Engineer, Grundfos

2016 was my first time of visiting the conference. I was attracted by the accompanying BSDA workshop program and decided to chance my arm with a stand at the trade exhibition. I met a wide range of delegates, made some useful contacts and the technical workshop was a useful learning opportunity for me.”Peter Riddell, Director, Integrated Processing Technologies