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Mineral Planning Essential For Quarry Water Management
Quarry Water Management Planning Application

Envireau Water was approached in relation to a periodic review and proposed extension to an existing extraction at Leeming Quarry near Clitheroe. There were concerns about the way water was managed at the Quarry and the potential impact the proposed extension could have on adjoining properties and private water supplies. Our independent review suggested that there were issues that had not been addressed in the supporting information that was provided as part of the planning application and that there were legitimate concerns.

We presented these concerns as a well-justified, technical argument to the MPA and liaised directly with the Environment Agency during the statutory consultation period. This led to a fundamental re-working of the original water management proposals at the Quarry, which will afford the nearby properties an adequate level of protection whilst allowing the Quarry operator to expand the existing working and grow their business.

It is important to submit thorough and technically sound information as part of a planning application, whether this forms part of a formal Environmental Impact Assessment or not. Concerns raised by third parties need to be addressed appropriately and quickly to avoid costly delays.