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Scheme of Monitoring: The Lanehead Quarry Case
Scheme of Monitoring


Lanehead Quarry, a long life cement feedstock quarry, had an extensive and complicated scheme of water monitoring based on monthly manual data collection from boreholes and river gauges. Data was compiled on an annual basis into reports submitted to the Environment Agency. With a view to a potential downward extension to the quarry, there was a need to understand the data prior to the development of a Hydrogeological Impact Assessment.

An early review by Envireau Water showed that the scheme of monitoring was too extensive and badly targeted. Improvements were required to reduce costs and better focus the available resources. The perception of the client and other stakeholders was that the scheme couldn’t be changed, it was what it was.


Envireau Water undertook the compilation of an annual monitoring report which allowed us to understand the site, the hydrogeology, the monitoring scheme and the data. This led to the development of a more robust conceptual hydrogeological model than had previously been developed and a sound technical and justified basis for a revised scheme of monitoring.

Due to the complex nature of the hydrogeological setting, established practices and the proposals, a program of structured negotiations with the Environment Agency took place.


Over a period of time and in conjunction with the development of a Hydrogeological Risk Assessment an improved scheme of monitoring was agreed with the Environment Agency. The new scheme was about 30% less than the old scheme and allowed resources to be focused on sensitive features close to the quarry, rather than areas some distance away that could not be impacted.


The development of Schemes of Water Monitoring or revision of existing schemes needs careful consideration of the objectives, costs and requirements of stakeholders. Above all it needs a very good understanding of the water systems being monitored, the data that will be obtained and how it will be used. Envireau Water provides the expertise and experience to deliver on the objective.

“This project is an excellent demonstration of the integrated way that Envireau Water uses its skills to deliver unique results” – James Dodds, Managing Director, Envireau Water