Clarity required over Amendment on Fracking
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February 11, 2015

Envireau Water is concerned about recently accepted amendments to the Infrastructure Bill on fracking. Clarity is urgently required over the exclusion of groundwater source protection zones (SPZs) from potential development areas.

There is existing policy published by the Environment Agency used to guide planning authorities which controls development in SPZs. This is called the Groundwater Protection Policy. The science behind the policy is well established and proven. Envireau Water believes that that shale gas development should not be a special case.

While there are environmental risks associated with shale gas development they are not dissimilar from any other industrial development. The existing policies within the Groundwater Protection Policy are perfectly adequate for control. Legislators and politicians should listen to their technical advisors and understand the science behind the development. That way sensible regulation will develop that is consistent across all industries.