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August 31, 2018

The Envireau Water team is made up of expert water scientists and engineers with a diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds. Recognising the variety of knowledge and experience within the team, and understanding the importance of sharing this to increase the capabilities of our team as a whole, we have this month introduced new Lunchtime Learning sessions.

The idea is for our staff to get together once a month to hear a presentation delivered by a member of the team. With our team split across 3 offices, our state of the art web conferencing and SMARTBoard® technology allows the whole company to get involved. Presentations will be based on a topic from a member of staff’s specific area of expertise, that the rest of the team has requested to learn more about.

In our first Lunchtime Learning session, Stephen Craig, our Senior Geologist spoke about geological data sources including what geological data is available, where to get it, and what it can be used for. He went on to discuss features of geological maps and addressed specific queries about calculating strata thicknesses from a range of geological information.

This inaugural CPD fueled gathering was a huge success. As Stephen commented “I really enjoyed pulling my presentation together, it was a good revision of information that I learned in my degree, as well as practicing my presentation skills. The team asked interesting questions, and it was great to be able to fill those knowledge gaps of the team who are not specifically geologically trained.”