A Day in the Life of an Envireau Water Intern
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July 24, 2017

Sarah, a BSc Geography student at Sheffield University, has recently joined the Envireau Water team in North Yorkshire for a 3-month internship, to gain an insight of what it’s like to be a specialist water management consultant.

Here she tells us about a typical day from her experience so far:

“When I arrive in the office, I am greeted by my new best friend, Freya – the Envireau Water office dog! After checking my emails, I assist the Envireau Water team by producing site locations, geological setting figures and borehole figures, on a whole range of projects, using GIS (Geographic Information System) and CorelDRAW.

A site location figure uses an Ordnance Survey Map as its basis, and can include other relevant information such as British Geological Survey (BGS) Waterwell Records and Source Protection Zones.

A geological setting figure uses a BGS map as its basis and shows the superficial deposits and bedrock of the area.

I may also produce a borehole figure if the project I am supporting involves monitoring and regulating a borehole. A borehole figure includes the different elements of the borehole, for example, a screen and filter pack as well as the local geology of the area.

If the weather is good, I make the most of the picturesque location of the North Yorkshire office by eating my lunch outside in the surrounding countryside. On a Friday, we even order burgers!

On occasion, I have assisted on site visits which I enjoy, despite the early wakeup call and long drive (typically in the rain!). Envireau Water is involved in many projects across a wide-ranging client base, which makes the site visits highly interesting.

Despite moving dripping wet sediment bags out of the truck, and struggling to remember how everyone takes their tea and coffee when it’s my ‘round’, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my placement so far and appreciate the opportunity to learn about hydrology and hydrogeology…and there’s always the trip to the pub at the end of the week when it’s Phil’s round to look forward to!”