Early Career Networking Session Launched at Envireau Water’s North Office
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May 17, 2019

We were thrilled to launch our first ‘Who’s In My Backyard’ Early Career networking session at our office near Richmond, in North Yorkshire.

Envireau Water has been hosting free networking events at our Head Office in Derbyshire for the last 2 years. Following their success, we were inspired to expand the sessions to our North Yorkshire office.

Our team were joined by enthusiastic and engaging young professionals from West Cumbria Mining, Harris Irwin Associates, GSC Grays, Sirius Group, Lewis Surveying Associates, Wrigleys Solicitors and Newcastle University.

Reflecting on the event, Joe Shipperbottom, Environmental Scientist at Envireau Water said “What a fantastic opportunity to get like-minded professionals together to swap stories, share ideas and make connections. It was great to put faces to names and have a proper conversation, as opposed to just communicating via email or phone. I can’t wait till the next one!”

We received some fantastic feedback from the attendees including:

Stuart Jones, a Graduate Surveyor from GSC Grays commented “The networking evening was a great way of meeting land based professionals who you would not usually deal with on a day to day basis and discovering any cross over in services in a relaxed and fun environment.”

Rebecka Bence, a Hydrogeology Masters student at the University of Newcastle, remarked “The session was a valuable experience for young graduates, as it was one of my first opportunities to meet real people doing the jobs I hope to do in the future. I’m looking forward to future events.”

Holly Story, a Farm Business Consultant at GSC Grays said “The networking session was a great opportunity to meet people from a range of different professions, which is often more useful and interesting than just talking to people within your own industry. It all ran very smoothly and was nicely informal – networking without the awkwardness!”

Following the success of this event, we hope to continue with a series of networking sessions in both our Head and North Office. Keep an eye on our website for dates being announced throughout the year!