Envireau Water cannot agree with latest ‘Fracking’ safety report
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August 5, 2014

A report published by the Scientists for Global Responsibility and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health states that shale gas exploration in the UK lacks adequate regulation to protect public health and the environment. The report suggests that exploitation of the resource may also undermine efforts to tackle climate change and that the hydraulic fracturing process, which pumps water, sand and chemicals at high pressure to release fuel trapped in underground shale rock, may cause water shortages in parts of the country.

Envireau Water believe that the only significant risk posed by these fuel developments in the UK focuses on the well construction, which is heavily regulated and controlled by the HSE, using the same regulations that control conventional onshore and offshore oil and gas developments.

Envireau Water are confident that although there may be risks associated with fracking, these are very low, well understood and can be adequately mitigated.