Envireau Water goes back to school to talk Rocks
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December 9, 2015

Senior Hydrogeologist, Lesley Knowles, spent the day at Gentleshaw Primary School with year 3, leading an interactive practical session on Rocks. The pupils had a lot of fun choosing their pet rocks and then identifying them in terms of hardness, shape, size, lustre and texture. They then looked at rocks for dinner, learning about how everyday household items are actually made from rocks and sand.

Bringing the discussions close to home, Lesley talked about the types of rock which can be found under their school and explained that rocks are layered, with younger rocks at the surface and rocks further down, which date back millions of years. The pupils were amazed to learn that the school site was once a hot desert where dinosaurs roamed!

To help explain her role as a Hydrogeologist, Lesley brought in her site clothes and Miss Tunnicliffe joined in the fun by dressing up in the clothes.

Lesley school visit