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October 10, 2017

Here at Envireau Water, we pride ourselves in offering opportunities for people to learn, develop and gain experience in our area of expertise. Meg Hopkins is currently undertaking a 6 month internship with Envireau Water to do just that.

Meg completed her BSc in Geology and Environmental Hazards in 2016, and has recently finished her MSc in Environmental Management and Earth Observation.

Here she tells us what she’s been up to since she joined the Envireau Water team and how she uses the skills that she learned from her studies in real-world scenarios:

“I’ve been working on an exciting range of projects with Envireau Water, for clients ranging from the bottled water sector to agriculture or quarrying.

I do a lot of work with ArcGIS which can include (but is in no way limited to) creating features for analysis, creating and exporting contour elevation graphs and using contours to make DEMS, slopes and other layers ready for analysis.

I also use CorelDraw for making figures on a regular basis. There is no end to what this programme can be used for, I have used it for things as simple as dropping a graph into a figure all the way up to making a borehole log from scratch.

I do a lot of research into the projects that we are working on. Recently I have been working to understand the ecological needs of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, and how these needs are represented in the River Ehen in Cumbria.

Occasionally I have assisted the Marketing Co-ordinator with activities such as contacting local organisations to invite them to Envireau Water’s highly successful ‘Who’s In My Backyard’ series of networking events.

I’m two-thirds of the way through my internship now and already feel like I’ve learnt so much. My skills on ArcGIS and CorelDraw have improved massively and I’m far more confident in my geological and environmental abilities. I can’t wait to learn more in my remaining two months.”

Are you looking for a new career opportunity in earth science? Envireau Water is currently looking to recruit an applied earth scientist with 4+ years’ experience for our North Yorkshire office. The role involves supporting the team with both field and office based technical activities. Find out more here.