Expertise Shared at Contaminated Land and Groundwater Conference
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July 26, 2018

Our Senior Hydrogeologist, Deborah Thomas, was invited to speak at The Geological Society Contaminated Land and Groundwater Conference.

With 2018 being themed as the “Year of Resources”, this conference explored the role of the contaminated land specialist in management of risk to, and sustainable use of, our increasingly valuable land and groundwater resources.

In Deborah’s presentation, she discussed the importance of appropriate water monitoring in sand and gravel quarries. Due to their geological and geographical locations, sand and gravel quarries often have a complex relationship with their hydrogeological surroundings. In terms of site wide water monitoring, typically 10 suitably located and adequately monitored boreholes provide better hydrogeological and hydrological information than 30 poorly located monitoring points. Therefore, within quarries, adequate monitoring strategies are required to ensure productivity is maintained, whilst providing appropriate protection to the surrounding environment.

Deborah’s presentation is available in Envireau Knowledge – a free library of useful resources which gives you access to an invaluable range of information and analysis.