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June 5, 2019

Here at Envireau Water, we pride ourselves in offering opportunities for people to gain experience in our area of expertise. Over the summer, Rachel Cooper is joining the Envireau Water team to gain an insight into what we get up to in our busy Derbyshire office.

Rachel is currently undertaking an Environmental Science BSc at The University of Worcester and has recently completed her second year of studies. Before beginning work on her dissertation, which will focus on road surface run-off, Rachel will be spending 2 months shadowing our dedicated surface water team. Activities will include field work, data collection and analysis, as well as geological map interpretation. Rachel will be using experience gained from modules focusing on environmental analysis & interpretation, GIS and river monitoring & assessment, alongside associated fieldwork. Rachel will also be working closely with our business support team to gain an understanding of business operations.

Rachel comments: “I am looking forward to spending my summer with Envireau Water, as it gives me an opportunity to use the skills and theories which I have learnt in lectures and on field trips in the ‘real world’. I hope that the experience that I gain here will help in my third and final year of my degree, as well as further into the future.”

Tomorrow, Envireau Team are heading out for dinner to welcome Rachel to the team. There is always something to look forward to in the Envireau Team calendar – find out more here.

See how Rachel is getting on one month in.