Environment Agency & Waterwise Water Efficiency Awards
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August 6, 2014

Envireau Water would like to congratulate the winners and runners-up in for these awards, considered to be the most high profile awards scheme in the UK to recognise the water efficiency achievements of the public, private and third sector organisations who promote water efficiency.

The successful projects range from large scale behaviour change campaigns to individual SME initiatives which have reduced water use by up to 80 per cent. They demonstrate how organisations which save water can help to provide the conditions for both economic growth and healthier communities, at the same time as cutting costs, protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

The winner in the Farming & Horticulture category was Broughgammon Farm sustainable development programme which showcases best practice of water management at farm level and actively educates and encourages others in the community.

The project is an on going commitment to the sustainable development of Broughgammon Farm. Two 10,000 litres rainwater harvesting tanks supply all nonpotable water on the farm, including for washing machines, outside taps and toilet flushing. Overall use of water is reduced by using low flow appliances and following effective water management plans.
Furthermore, infrastructure is in place to use a UV treatment and filter system to supply potable water in the future. The farm actively encourages its employees to take a hands-on approach to the water saving techniques it uses.

A range of other measures have been incorporated in the development, including solar thermal heating, an air source heat pump, a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system, wind energy (windmills), heavy use of insulation, a wood pellet boiler and a wood stove.

In the coming year, with the completion of the new barn, further rain water harvesting tanks will be installed, collecting the rainwater from three barns to be used as drinking water for the livestock.

You can find out more about all the winners and runners-up here.