Dr. Eleanor Raper
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Senior Geoscientist

Based in our North Yorkshire office, Eleanor has over 4 years experience in water treatment. Eleanor has brought new skills in wastewater treatment to Envireau Water including wastewater treatment through activated sludge processes, submerged aerated filters, activated carbon, bioaugmentation and chemical treatment processes. Eleanor has notable experience in operating large scale and laboratory scale water treatment pilot plants. Since joining Envireau Water in early 2018, Eleanor has been applying her expertise to a range of sectors including projects in oil and gas, quarrying and mining and food and drink. Eleanor is currently providing support in wastewater discharge and disposal, water treatment, industrial and private water supply and permitting and licensing issues.

Eleanor previously worked in the steel industry conducting research and consultancy in water treatment. Previously, Eleanor completed a PhD in the “Biological treatment of coke making wastewater” at Cranfield University having previously completed a BSc (Hons) in Physical Geography at the University of Wales Aberystwyth and a PGCE in Geography at Durham University.

Contact Dr. Eleanor on:
Tel: 01748 889 470