Extreme Weather needs to planned for and managed
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December 16, 2015

The devastating images of flooded homes in the North of England touched us all, particularly as it came just a few years after the last floods, which caused so much damage.

Provisional figures from an Environment Agency rain gauge in Honister Pass, Cumbria showed that 341mm (over 13 inches) of rain fell in 24 hours, which is potentially a record breaking amount and more rain than seen during the devastating floods of 2009 and 2005 in the same area.

We cannot assume that this is a one-off incident which will never be repeated or exceeded and so businesses at potential risk of flooding need to arm themselves with appropriate equipment to monitor water levels in order to operate effective flood forecasting.

Although DEFRA have identified the need for enhanced flood protection and maintenance to protect businesses and communities from flooding, and a number of sizeable projects have been undertaken at both national and local levels, there is still work to be done.

Envireau Water firmly believes that businesses at potential risk of flooding cannot wait for regulatory authorities to take action and should look to assess their own risks and implement preventative measures where appropriate. We can provide clear, practical and pragmatic support to help you understand the real risks and identify practical mitigation strategies.

If you are concerned about flooding or any other extreme weather risk, contact us to see how we can help.