More firms back Lancashire’s shale gas moves
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November 12, 2014

Envireau Water was interested to read the following article recently in the Lancashire Evening Post.

Twenty-eight leading British manufacturers today signed a letter calling on politicians “at all levels” to get behind Lancashire’s shale gas proposals. The British manufacturers’ support for fracking comes as a new policy paper is published today by the North West Energy Task Force, which says that natural gas from UK shale “could lead to cheaper, more reliable energy and a new GBP 34 billion supply chain.” The paper was unveiled at East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce’s Lancashire Manufacturers Conference.

In a letter to a national newspaper today, the manufacturers from across the north say shale gas is the future.

Marcus Addison, managing director of the Lancashire-based Addison Project plc, said: “From a jobs and investment perspective, development of Lancashire’s onshore natural gas makes complete sense.

“As we have seen in the United States, simply having access to reliable sources of energy has helped lead to a renaissance in America’s industrial heartlands.” Debbie Baker, head of public affairs for GrowHow, the UK’s only remaining primary nitrogen fertiliser producer, said: “Gas is our primary raw material. It is the single biggest factor in determining our viability as a business.”

The North West Energy Task Force, a coalition of over 450 businesses, economists, academics and local communities supports Cuadrilla’s plans to explore for shale gas in Lancashire.

Mike Damms, chief executive of the East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce, said: “To continue producing in the UK, manufacturers need greater assurance on energy supplies. Shale gas can play an important part in providing that guarantee.”