Flash Flooding In North Yorkshire
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July 31, 2019

A month’s worth of rain fell in over just a few hours in parts of Yorkshire yesterday, including around Richmond where our North Office is situated. The photos in this news post were taken by Louise Clarke in our North Office team. More photos of the flash floods can be found in this post from Richmondshire Live.


The heavy rain caused flash flooding around Leyburn and Reeth in the Wensleydale and Swaledale catchments. Floods caused a stretch of road between Richmond and Reeth to collapse and a road bridge between Grinton and Leyburn to be washed away.



The Environment Agency has issued multiple flood warnings across the UK, in North Yorkshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands. Some flood warnings have been removed, but more flooding is expected, with heavy rain expected this week. The flood information service provides up to date information on current flood alerts and warnings. The Met Office have warned that some parts of northern England could see as much as 40-60mm of rain through Wednesday, while thunderstorms could produce as much as 30-40 mm in 1-2 hours.


At Envireau Water, we can help you manage flooding and surface runoff. We offer natural flood management services at catchment and local scale including modelling, mapping, scoping, monitoring and assessment. Additionally, we provide modelling of the benefits of natural flood management schemes.

We carry out flood risk assessments for housing developers, industrial sites and agricultural land, to support planning applications and Environmental Impact Assessments.
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