Flooding In The Future: It Is Time To Change How We Think
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May 9, 2019

The Environment Agency has launched a long-term strategy to tackle flooding and coastal change today. Whilst flooding floats in and out of the public eye, flood planners and developers need to change the way they think about this natural phenomenon.

Emma Howard Boyd, Environment Agency Chair stated “We cannot win a war against water by building away climate change with infinitely high flood defences”. Adaption is key to the changing climate with climate change and population growth set to double the number of properties built on flood plains over the next 50 years.

To aid communities, we as an industry need to provide a range of tools to provide options for preparing and controlling flooding, both now and in the future. Whilst these tools include traditional methods and temporary barriers which fight against the water, there is also a movement to work with water using natural flood management and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). The implementation of such tools along with effective flood warnings and emergency response can significantly reduce risk to life and property in a flood event. Whilst new developments have the opportunity to implement flood resistant and resilience measures from the outset, existing developments can be retrofitted with measures which can increase their protection.

The strategy launched by the Environment Agency highlights the importance of thinking to the future and the impact that climate change will have. Whilst we work towards cutting emissions to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, there will inevitably be an impact on the nation which needs to be considered now.

Here at Envireau Water, we think differently about flooding. From our Flood Risk Assessments to identify risk, to resilience measures to reduce flooding to commercial and domestic developments, to actively supporting and aiding natural flood management techniques and SuDS incorporation into proposed or existing developments. Learn more about the work of our dedicated surface water team here, and get in touch on 01332 871 882 to see how we can help you.