Flooding of an Industrial Estate in the South of England
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June 10, 2019

Envireau Water was approached by a client in late 2015 with regards to the flooding of his property, an industrial part in the south of England, as a result of a nearby river overtopping flood defences which are part of a local flood alleviation scheme.

What was unusual was that there was contractual indemnity in place relating to access to the flood defences and more importantly, the level of flood protection afforded to the property.

The client asked Envireau Water to consider whether the flooding of his property was due to a flood event attributable to the effect of the flood alleviation scheme and which exceeded the threshold that would trigger the contractual indemnity.

Envireau Water undertook an initial assessment based on an existing flood risk modelling study, coupled with analysis of rainfall data and the storm event that led to the flooding event. This assessment considered the structure installed as part of the flood alleviation scheme and changes to a bridge immediately upstream from the client’s land.

Following submission of the work and appointment of solicitors recommended by Envireau Water,  the work was extended to look in more detail at specific issues and questions to support negotiations related to the contractual indemnity.

This project illustrates both Envireau Water’s technical expertise in flood modelling and our approach to solving unusual problems. Envireau Water’s training and experience in expert witnessing means that we can guide technical aspects of negotiations which can greatly contribute to resolving complex matters in a cost effective way.

At the end of project the client said “… once again many thanks for your excellent work, we would not have been successful without you.”

Representatives for the solicitors said “… The manner in which Envireau Water balanced technical expertise and understandable reporting was a major factor in a successful outcome to this matter …”

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