Heat from rivers could supply energy to thousands of homes
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August 12, 2014

Rivers and estuaries in cities and towns across England could provide clean, reliable heating to thousands of homes and businesses, a map published today has shown.

The map shows that there are around 40 urban rivers and estuaries that could provide large scale renewable heating supplies to local communities through water source heat pumps, instead of traditional gas fired or electric domestic heating.

Water source heat pumps operate by taking heat from the water and feeding it into local heat networks or single buildings, providing a low carbon source of renewable heat to local areas.

The map is designed to help local authorities, private developers and community groups to identify prime locations to install large water source heat pumps, by aligning suitable bodies of water with areas where there is a high demand for heat.

It has been commissioned by the Department of Energy, and Envireau Water Managing Director, James Dodds, was involved in the scoping and development of the fundamental principles of the map and will remain involved with the steering group which will work to produce a more detailed version of the map, expected to be published later in the year. This will form an important part of the new National Heat Map, which is currently being developed.

You can view the map and other supporting information here.