Innovative Modelling for Wetland Restoration
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March 29, 2019

It has long been recognised that wetland restoration takes careful planning, but few realise that a detailed understanding of the complex hydraulic interactions between cells is needed to allow optimum water management. Our client sought a cost effective yet robust method for assessing the hydraulic interactions between inlet water and cells, to assist in the design and functionality of their engineered wetland, and turned to our expert surface water team for a solution.

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Our expertise in hydraulic modelling allow us to evaluate and design engineered wetlands, wetland restoration schemes, simulate geomorphology and natural flood management, drainage systems, SUDs suitability, flood routing, as well as dam breaches. Our ability to develop designs and convey these using different communication methods provides our clients with a holistic approach to clearly understand their water management requirements. Get in touch on 01332 871 882 if you need our support.