James Dodds Recognised as Fellow of Institute of Quarrying
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February 12, 2019

James Dodds, Chairperson of Envireau Water is thrilled to have been recognised as a fellow of the Institute of Quarrying (IQ), demonstrating his professionalism and commitment to the minerals extractives industry.

The IQ is the international professional body for quarrying, construction materials and the related extractive and processing industries. Being acknowledged as a fellow, is the highest level of recognition for the institution.

James is a nationally recognised expert in water management and water resources hydrogeology. He has been actively involved in the minerals sector within the UK for 20 years and has been an IQ member since 1994.

James’ professional career started in 1986 working on waste and mineral projects in the UK, before moving to South Africa in 1988. There he spent 4 years principally working on a wide range of projects in the mining industry, related both to water resources and geotechnical hydrogeology. With the same company, James returned to the UK, and spent the following 6 years progressing to Principal level. During this time, he worked on a wide range of mining projects in Europe, Africa, CIS and the Middle East, as well as developing projects in the UK within the minerals sector. In 1998, James formed Envireau Water.

James has been intimately involved in the development and implementation of the Quarry Dewatering New Authorisations process since it was first raised in 1998. Recently he has delivered a series of IQ Academy webinars, as well as being published in the institution’s publication ‘Quarry Management’, updating members on developments and guiding them through the New Authorisations application process.

Do you need support with your Quarry Dewatering New Authorisations? If you:

  • Are struggling to define your historic use
  • Have no hydrogeological description of the site
  • Have other unlicensed abstractions
  • Need to apply for New Water
  • Are located close to sensitive environmental sites
  • Have an extensive water monitoring requirement

we suggest that you should contact us for a free, no obligation conversation. It is far more difficult and expensive to sort out licensing problems at the end of the process, than it is if the process is started and presented in the right way at the beginning. Contact James directly on 01332 871 871 or james@envireauwater.co.uk.