James Dodds at UKELA Annual Conference
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July 10, 2017

Managing Director and Water Management Expert, James Dodds, spoke at the 2017 UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) Annual Conference this weekend.

UKELA is the UK forum which aims to make the law work for a better environment and to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law.

This year’s UKELA Annual Conference focused on the theme of Cities of the Future. More than half the world’s population now lives in towns and cities and this is growing inexorably. Living sustainably in cities is therefore a key challenge for politicians, planners, engineers, architects and lawyers. The conference cast light on the role of lawyers and regulators in making cities more sustainable, sharing knowledge and best practice relevant to the UK context.

James explored one of the most serious environmental issues facing modern cities – water management, with a particular focus on flooding and drainage.

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