James Dodds Updating Mineral Products Association on New Authorisations
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November 19, 2018

James Dodds, Chairperson of Envireau Water, was invited to speak at the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Wales Planning Meeting on Quarry Dewatering New Authorisations.

As a nationally recognised expert in water management, James updated members on the impact of the removal of the dewatering exemptions for those operating in Wales, covering Transitional Arrangements, the application process and key regulator messages.

MPA is the trade association for the minerals products industry, covering aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, industrial sand, lime and mortar. The industry has an annual UK turnover of £20 billion and MPA membership accounts for 90% of the industry. MPA members operate throughout the UK and MPA Wales membership includes large and SME businesses operating throughout Wales. MPA Wales works closely with the Welsh Government, regulators and other national organisations and audiences on issues such as land use and mineral planning, water, waste and biodiversity and ensuring that the industry supply chain can meet the needs of construction and other customers.

James’ presentation is available and free to access in the Envireau Knowledge section of our website. We have also produced a Guide to New Authorisations – Quarry Dewatering which may be of interest.

If you need support with your quarry dewatering New Authorisations, we suggest that you should contact us for a free, no obligation conversation. It is far more difficult and expensive to sort out licensing problems at the end of the process, than it is if the process is started and presented in the right way at the beginning. Get in touch on 01332 871 882 or enquiries@envireauwater.co.uk.