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SmartWater keeps you updated with the latest news from the industry, as well as what’s been keeping us busy at Envireau Water.

Summer 2019

The summer issue of SmartWater is all about quality. Quality underpins everything we do at Envireau Water and we’ve even got a certification to prove it!

Spring 2019

There’s more to Envireau Water than what meets the eye! In this issue of SmartWater, we delve into some of the complimentary services that our expert team has to offer.

Winter 2018

This issue gives a round-up of conferences and events hosted and attended by the Envireau Water team.

Summer 2018

In this special 2oth anniversary special edition NewsBite, we share news of our celebrations with you, including a timeline of Envireau Water’s success story.

Spring 2018

In this issue, we discuss Abstraction Licensing New Authorisations, introduce the newest members of our team and announce the date of the 2018 Borehole Users Conference.

Winter 2017

This issue is an events special! Read all about the 2017 Borehole Users Conference; our newly launched networking sessions; our successful Controversial Geoscience workshops; and our annual Staff and Clients Day.

Summer 2017

This issue takes a look at where we are now with New Authorisations and Abstraction Licence Reform. It also focuses on the ‘Envireau Water Way’ for addressing objections against sensitive planning and permit applications.

Spring 2017

In this issue, read about difficult planning applications; abstraction licence appeals; communicating the invisible and more!

Winter 2016

In this issue, read about the highly acclaimed 2016 Borehole Users Conference; our annual Staff and Clients day; and other interesting events that we have attended in 2016.

Summer 2016

What’s new at Envireau Water? Meet the new faces in the team, as well as a look at the bottled water industry, environmental monitoring and flooding.

Spring 2016

This issue spans a number of areas that we are involved in including licence abstraction changes, the Euratom Drinking Water Directive and a possible borehole construction standard.

Summer 2015

Reflecting on the summer, we have included an article on bottled water, a focus on our Welsh office and a round up of our recent Tea Party.

Spring 2015

This issue concentrates on the diverse areas Envireau Water work in and the range of skills we can offer, some of which you may not be aware of.

Winter 2014

This issue has a technical focus; with articles looking at water management systems, monitoring systems and dealing with intelligent and appropriate solutions.

Summer 2014

This issue has a regulatory focus; looking at some of the regulatory problems we have been solving across a variety of sectors.

Spring 2014

In this issue we are focusing on ways you could save money – with Envireau Water’s help

Winter 2013

This issue gives a round-up of conferences held and attended recently by the Envireau Water team.

Summer 2013

In this issue we are celebrating 15 years of Envireau Water and we hope you enjoy reading about our history and celebrations.

Spring 2013

Our focus in this edition is on regulation; looking at planned changes and the importance of working with the regulators to ensure the success of projects.