Lee Clarke Attains Expert Witness Qualification
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January 24, 2019

Envireau Water’s Principal Hydrogeologist, Lee Clarke, has successfully completed the highly acclaimed Cardiff University Law School/Bond Solon expert witness training course.

Expert witnesses play a fundamental role within the UK’s judicial system by providing opinion evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions. The use of experts, is increasingly common in negotiated settlements, arbitration and conciliation.

As well as having relevant qualifications and experience in a professional field, it is now regarded as essential to undertake recognised Expert Witness training. The course that Lee has completed is the only university supported Expert Witness training course in the country and gives Envireau Water near unique expertise in preparing and presenting expert evidence.

Envireau Water provides expert witness services in all our core areas of expertise. Our expert witness team, which comprises James Dodds, Phil Ham and Lee Clarke, has extensive experience of public inquiry, civil litigation and environmental permit and abstraction licence appeals. Find out more about our expert witness services here or get in touch on 01332 871 882.