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April 24, 2019

Michael Underwood, Hydrologist at Envireau Water was pleased to attend the British Hydrological Society National Meeting on Natural Flood Risk Management (NFM) at Lancaster University.

Recent years have seen the introduction of a range of landscape interventions to help mitigate the level of flood risk upstream of flood-affected communities by emulating natural phenomena – so called NFM. The strength of evidence for the effectiveness of each type of intervention or group of interventions in the landscape often remains incomplete or debated. At this meeting, the British Hydrological Society presented some key findings from the previous and ongoing science, and highlighted where further research is needed.

Michael was pleased to present a poster on the application of 2D hydrodynamic modelling for assessing the effectiveness of NFM at a catchment scale.

Evidence for the effectiveness of NFM measures under different rainfall event magnitudes, at the catchment scale, is limited. This due to (1) the scientific uncertainty about the cumulative impacts of NFM measures within catchments, and (2) the relative immaturity of numerical modelling tools for making predictions about the effectiveness of NFM measures. Recent innovations in 2D surface water modelling and the increased availability of high-resolution topographical datasets have unlocked the potential to quantify the cumulative impacts of many small NFM measures distributed across catchments of varying scales. Michael’s poster quantifies the effectiveness of four types NFM measures at reducing downstream peak discharge for rainfall events of different magnitude at the small catchment. You can view the full poster below:

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