Northern businesses are gearing up for shale gas
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May 8, 2014

The county which grew up in the cotton and textiles boom of the Industrial Revolution more than two centuries ago is now struggling to keep hold of its workers. With a population of more than 1.4 million, Lancashire’s growth rate has “failed to keep pace” with the national average according to the county council, mainly because of some high net migration recorded by some Lancashire authorities. Though it’s a mixed picture in different parts of Lancashire, with some places swelling while others suffer long-term decline, the county’s challenge is clear. In the face of this conundrum, Energy Live News reports that some businesses are turning to shale gas as possible saviour for jobs and an economic boost.

Shale gas developers such as Cuadrilla Resources and IGas have high hopes for the huge reserves of gas trapped in the Bowland shale rock, which stretches underground from west to east across the neck of northern England.

The chance for northern businesses to be a part of their shale gas supply chain – from making steel parts to environmental services – was laid out for local and international companies at a conference last week in Blackpool.

You can view an interview with Simon Talbot, Managing Director of consultancy Ground-Gas Solutions and Malcolm James, Director for Oil and Gas Business Development for Dow Chemicals at the Energy News Live website.

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