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September 14, 2018

Our team of Hydrologists and Hydrogeologists were thrilled to meet local young professionals at Envireau Water’s latest ‘Who’s in my Backyard’ networking session.

Now a regular event in the Envireau Water calendar, these free informal sessions allow a community of young professionals to get together and meet new contacts in the East Midlands region.

At the most recent session, our team took the opportunity to share the science communication work that we have been doing over the summer by presenting their cartoon case studies.

Our team really enjoys hosting the sessions and it’s fantastic that we’ve received such great feedback since the event. Hear from some of the attendees themselves:

“It’s great to see Envireau Water encouraging young professionals to network. This was my first event and Envireau Water helped break the ice superbly! The networking event was well organised and topped off perfectly with a cheese board. I look forward to the next session!” Jack Cropper, The Coal Authority

“I attended the first young professionals networking session that Envireau Water hosted and met some useful contacts that I have since worked with. This time again, it was great to meet new faces and contacts in the locality which I was unaware of and the services that they provide. I hope from the new contacts we can develop working relationships going forward.” Ian McKenzie, Fisher German

“The ‘Who’s in my Backyard’ networking session was really beneficial for us. It was an informal way of meeting people and connecting with companies in the area, without any pressure, who we could potentially work with in the future. Everybody at Envireau Water was extremely friendly and welcoming and we would definitely recommend this networking session to more companies.” Megan Chester, Ivy House Environmental

“I particularly enjoyed the Cartoon Case Studies – communications is something every company has to consider these days, and this was a fresh and engaging way of clearly displaying how Envireau Water tackles projects to a wider audience. Because it’s visual, it’s also more memorable as well. Technical communications is applicable to all of us in our jobs.” Neil McClure, The Coal Authority

If you would like to get involved with the next session, please contact Leanne Thomas, Marketing Co-ordinator on leanne@envireauwater.co.uk or 01332 871 879.