Planning Permission Granted for New Industrial Facility
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January 25, 2019

Envireau Water is actively involved in gaining planning permission for commercial and industrial developments. This month, we were part of a team which successfully secured planning permission for the construction of a concrete products factory, workshops, offices, ancillary buildings and stockyards. The client is a major supplier of beam and block flooring systems, and having outgrown their current site, required permission to build this new facility.

Envireau Water carried out water related assessments with respect to flood risk at the site. The detailed flood risk assessment considered multiple sources of flooding to ensure a thorough analysis was undertaken. State of the art technology was utilised for the preliminary design of the surface water drainage system, from a specialist hydraulic modelling package to the topographical survey undertaken by EiS using drone technology. This technology enabled our team to come up with practical solutions to overcome the challenges faced at this flat industrial site.

In order to secure planning permission, underground geo-cellular storage was incorporated into the model design. Above and beyond the regulatory requirements, the client requested rainwater harvesting to be incorporated into the design to reduce their water usage costs. Envireau Water achieved the required 50% betterment for the development drainage, and removed flood risk for the existing surrounding developments for short, high return period events.

Envireau Water’s team of skilled hydrologists are particularly experienced in negotiating permissions and consents in areas that are prone to flooding, which we do by developing well-reasoned technical justifications and negotiating with regulatory authorities. If we can support you with a similar project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01332 871 882.