Practical Solutions to Water Shortages
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November 30, 2018

James Dodds, Water Management Specialist at Envireau Water was pleased to present alongside Andy Turner, Water Resources Manager from the Environment Agency and Paul Hammett, NFU National Water Resources Specialist, at an area NFU meeting in Lichfield this month.

Following the exceptional summer of 2018 where the irrigation of crops became a major problem, the presentations looked at ways in which agricultural abstractors can cope with drought. James spoke about practical measures that abstractors can think about to help manage and mitigate drought impacts. His presentation is available and free to access in the Envireau Knowledge section of our website.

The Environment Agency provided background and detail on the new electronic abstraction licence system that they have developed and are implementing, as well as on the possible future for abstraction licences. The new Environment Agency system allows licence holders to nominate agents to manage abstraction licence returns and variations. Envireau Water clients are already benefitting from this service by using us to manage their licences online. This ticks another task off the to do list. For more information on how we can make your life easier contact or call her on 01332 871 889.