Quality Management Policy
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Envireau Ltd specialise in the management and regulation of natural water systems. The Company provides technical and regulatory consultancy services relating to Industrial and Private Water Supplies, Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage, Waste Water Discharge and Disposal, Water Treatment, Environmental Permitting and Licencing, Planning Support and Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis. The core industry sectors in which Envireau Ltd operate include Agriculture and Horticulture, the Built Environment, Food and Drink, Quarrying and Mining, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals and Oil & Gas.

In practice, all phases of Envireau Ltd’s work are subject to quality control, from enquiry through order processing, purchasing and project delivery.

All work is carried out in accordance with written procedures, with lines of responsibility and accountability defined checks incorporated.

To achieve this, we are committed to a continual improvement culture throughout the organisation based on stated company objectives and the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

All our procedures, checklists and instructions comply with this standard. The principles embraced in the ISO9001 standard have been embodied in our formal Management System. This system is an essential company framework that will allow us to gain competitive advantage, as well as reinforcing and enhancing the company’s reputation and image.

Envireau Ltd is committed to complying with applicable legal, regulatory and statutory requirements and ISO 9001:2015. As such the policy:

  • Requires the setting and reviewing of Quality and Business Objectives, which derive from an analysis of the needs of interested parties, internal and external factors, mitigating actions and the performance of key processes;
  • Includes a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements (clients, legislative, statutory); and
  • Commits Envireau Ltd to continually improve the Management System.

The Directors are committed to ensuring that sufficient funds and resources are made available to ensure that consistent standards of quality can be achieved. The policy of the Directors of Envireau Ltd is aimed at implementing and maintaining quality and safety in an effective and practical way.

The basic principle is to meet the requirements agreed with our clients and satisfy their expectations at all times. We ensure arrangements are made for effective communication and the promotion of competency throughout the company by educating and training our staff.

Dr Philip Ham
Managing Director

6th January 2019 (Review Date January 2020)