Rachel Has Finished Her Internship. How Did It Go?
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July 26, 2019

Rachel Cooper, an Environmental Science undergraduate at The University of Worcester has spent the summer with the Envireau Water team to gain an insight into what we get up to in our busy Derbyshire office. Here she tells us how it went and what she got up to:

“During my two month internship at Envireau Water, I undertook a variety of work in different departments across the business.

For the technical team, I looked at an expert witness case, reading reports and reviews and collating the comments from the original reports. I also completed data handling and analysis tasks, looking for trends in datasets, producing graphs and looking for reasons behind these trends.

I worked with the Geographic Information System programme, ArcGIS. When doing this, I used georeferenced maps which can be directly imported into the GIS software. I have also georeferenced maps which have been adapted from paper OS maps. Using these, I have outlined land owned by clients and added points such as boreholes which were georeferenced to the exact point. These were exported and used to produce figures which were then attached to Environment Agency paperwork. I have also learned how to import a .csv file into ArcGIS containing data collected from a site visit.

I produced flow diagrams to accompany map figures to show water use at sites. I have been on site visits with colleagues, assisting with
• flow profiling of a brook at three separate points
• profiling a borehole (measuring parameters such as water level and specific conductivity)
• taking water samples from a borehole for laboratory analysis
• packing down a monitoring area and
• liaising with a borehole drilling company regarding sampling


I worked with flood prediction software including looking at the FEH Catchment Descriptors and using LowFlows to look at the predicted flows for a catchment. I used ReFH2 to look at flood return periods for the same catchment.

I worked on my own Trickle Irrigation New Authorisation project. For this, I completed a site visit with Deborah, Senior Hydrogeologist. We gathered information about the site operations, information about boreholes and the site boundaries. Using this information, I completed the relevant Environment Agency paperwork, analysed data provided from the client and produced figures of the site on an OS map, an aerial photo and a schematic of how water is used across the site.

For the GIS team, I converted a list of site grid references from 6 to 10 figures to 12 figures for the equipment team. Additionally, I collated the methods used on site visits onto one document from past site visit risk assessments, to make it easier to find methods for future site visits.

I also assisted the Business Support Team, carrying out various tasks, including preparing marketing information packs and researching relevant industry news. I attended weekly business support meetings as well as the quarterly business meeting, where I was responsible for taking minutes.

I assisted in arranging the annual company event for employees and clients, researching entertainment options and collating a list of addresses for the invitations to be sent to. A personal highlight was attending the opening of the New Bath Hotel’s Lido with a colleague, Leanne.

I’ve learnt so much over the last two months – thank you Envireau Water!”