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September 20, 2016

Summer is well and truly over with flash floods hitting England at the end of last week. Convective storms signalled the end of the late summer heatwave, starting on the evening of Thursday 15th September and continuing to cause disruption to the morning commute on Friday.

Nearly half a month’s rain fell in the space of three hours in some parts of the country, overwhelming our creaking infrastructure. Homes were flooded in the South East of England and the Maternity Unit at Wallingford Hospital was affected, resulting in in-patients being diverted.

Trains were delayed in the South of England as a London Midland train was derailed close to Watford Junction as a result of a landslide caused by the intense rain. Didcot Parkway Station was flooded in Oxfordshire, two tube stations were closed in West London and there were significant delays on a number of the main arterial motorways in Southern England.

We continue to live in a changing climate and on the back of the recently published government review of the Winter 2015 floods, resilience is once again top of the flood risk management agenda.


At Envireau Water we offer a range of flood risk management services aimed at improving resilience to properties and safeguarding key infrastructure. We are able to review the likelihood of flooding, determine the associated mechanisms and assess potential impacts. This allows us to develop a full understanding, enabling us to develop bespoke solutions aimed at reducing the impact of what is seemingly becoming the norm.

Our solutions range from the development of simple flood evacuation plans aimed at providing safe egress and minimising damage at properties, to the design of flood mitigation measures to reduce the likelihood of flooding and the development of environmental monitoring systems aimed at providing advanced warning, allowing residents and/or asset managers to make informed decisions.

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