Report points to economic benefits of UK shale development
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May 1, 2014

Developing a UK shale gas industry could lead to the creation of over 64,000 jobs, as well as bring in £33 billion of investment, according to a report, commissioned by the UK Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG).

The report says that this is the amount of money that the industry would need to spend over an 18 year period in supply chain activities.

The report suggests that there is potential for £17 billion of specialised hydraulic fracturing equipment such as pumps, trucks and blenders, along with £4.1 billion of waste, storage and transportation equipment, £2.3 billion of steel and up to £1.6 billion of rig manufacturing capacity.

UKOOG’s CEO, Ken Cronin, said: “We are building an industry in this country which will not only potentially give the UK energy security and make a big contribution in tax revenues but will also bring immense benefits to other industries and create sustainable, well-paid jobs.”

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Read the full report here.