River Basin Planning ‘Working Together’ Consultations
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July 15, 2018

The current river basin management plans, which outline actions needed to protect and improve the water environment, were published in February 2016 by the Environment Agency. Work to implement the plans has, to date, enhanced over 3,200 km of the water environment in England.

The Environment Agency recently launched the ‘Working Together’ consultations for eight River Basin Districts: Anglian, Humber, North West, Northumbria, Severn, South East, South West and Thames. The aim is to review and update the current plans.

The consultation seeks views on:

  • The proposed timetable and content of the programme of work to review and update the plans
  • How other plans and strategies affect, or are affected by, the river basin management plans
  • Whether all relevant stakeholders have been identified

The Environment Agency has published an easy to use online tool where its proposals can be viewed, and where you can provide feedback. Click here to access this tool.

The closing date for receiving comments is 22 December 2018.