Simon walks home for Christmas!
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January 6, 2015

Envireau Water was happy to support Simon Malster of Third Energy in his effort to support Walking With The Wounded’s latest fund raising venture ‘Walking Home for Christmas’. The campaign challenges participants to walk home for Christmas rather than their usual bus, train or car journey. Donations will be used to fund existing and new projects involved in the retraining and re-skilling of wounded servicemen and women.

Simon set off from Knapton Generating Station on the 23rd December at 11:33, and finally arrived home at 17:25. The total distance walked was 21.3 miles, and Simon said: ‘I hit the wall at the 18-1/2 mile mark and literally “hobbled” back the remainder of the way!!’

Off we go ...

Off we go …

His efforts have so far raised over £650 for the charity and if you would like to add to this total you can do so here.