Successful GIS Group Awarded ‘Project of the Year’
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January 6, 2018

Phil Ham, Managing Director of Envireau Water, took pleasure in announcing that our GIS group won the Envireau Water 2017 ‘Project of the Year’ Award.

During December, staff were invited to nominate a project that they felt exemplified the Envireau Water ethos.

Made up of Penny Jenkinson, Senior Hydrogeologist; Michael Underwood, Hydrologist; and Joseph Shipperbottom, Environmental Scientist, the GIS group’s key objective was to develop knowledge and understanding of ESRI’s GIS extensions and how Envireau Water could use them as a business moving forward.

Following months of research and testing, the learnings were presented to colleagues and Directors during Envireau Water’s annual Staff and Clients Day. The work of the group not only received praise from peers, but also secured the buy-in from management to purchase the software extensions.

Good teamwork and communication enabled the effective delivery and increased use of GIS across the company, as colleagues were supported to use the software. GIS is now used in many core areas of Envireau Water and has been a keystone in many successful projects, notably those with significant data analysis and visualisation elements, including Hydrogeological Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and Flood Risk Assessments.

Phil commented “The collaboration, enthusiasm and hard work of the GIS group, perfectly showcased the Envireau Water ethos.”

On winning the award Joseph commented “I’m thrilled that the efforts of our group have been recognised. Each member has gone above and beyond, working in and out of hours to achieve the objectives discussed. I’m certain that continued progression through 2018 will see the group’s success grow.”