Surveying a Site for a New Borehole
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August 7, 2019

Stephen Craig, Senior Geologist, was working in Dartford recently, carrying out a water features survey to support the development of a new industrial abstraction borehole. These photos show the River Darent and Dartford Marshes, a couple of miles upstream of where the Darent meets the Thames.

A water features survey is required as part of the abstraction licensing process to identify hydrological features that may be affected by a new abstraction, and may require monitoring during the borehole construction and test pumping process. These features can include ponds, lakes, rivers, aquifers and existing groundwater boreholes.

A water features survey is often the first point where there is a real interaction and dialogue with the regulator and it is therefore important that surveys are carried out by people with relevant qualifications and experience. This will ensure that relevant features are identified, that borehole construction and test pumping programmes are appropriately designed, and meet regulatory approval.

Envireau Water is renowned for our success with regulators. Whilst no-one can guarantee a success for every project, we can assure you that where there is just cause, our good reputation, strong relationships and wealth of experience ensure the strongest possible case is presented with every option explored to achieve a successful outcome. We have negotiated complex abstraction licences in some of the most sensitive catchments in the UK and proud to have gained a reputation for finding solutions where others fail. Get in touch with our expert team on 01332 871882 or email