Test Pumping – Why and How
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September 12, 2017

The 2017 Borehole Users Conference is taking place on the 5th October in Loughborough. This is the must-attend event for anyone who uses, manages, owns or plans to develop a private water supply.

As 2017 celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Borehole Users Conference, it’s time to go back to basics. Test pumping is an important part of the work required by the Environment Agency to support an abstraction licence. Our guest speaker, Diane Steele, will present why the Environment Agency need test pumping data, the sort of data that they need and what they do with it. She will place this in the context of ensuring sustainable abstraction, protection of the environment and other abstractors—which could be you!

Diane has worked for the Newcastle office of the Environment Agency for over 13 years specialising in groundwater protection and resources.  Her current work focuses on groundwater monitoring, asset management, permitting, planning particularly on the Magnesian Limestone in the Wear and Tees catchments.  She also works closely with Hartlepool Water and the Coal Authority, looking at the interaction between minewater plumes, groundwater abstractions and surface waters, and how this affects water quality and resource availability.

With the conference taking place in just over 3 weeks, now is the time to book in order to secure your place.

Find out more about the conference and book here.