The importance of water quality and treatment for private water supplies
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February 22, 2016

Joint research from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Public Health England (PHE) has provided new information on the incidence rate of private water supply users using drinking water with high concentrations of some naturally occurring chemicals in Cornwall, UK.

This joint study between the two organisations was designed to fill a gap in knowledge spanning this area of public health and environmental sciences. The study re-emphasises the importance of householders being aware of their tap water chemistry, and treating to improve it where necessary.

The findings were that 65% of households exceeded one or more chemical drinking water quality standards and these included health-based chemical quality standards, particularly nitrate (11%) and arsenic (5%).
Envireau Water is expert in all aspects of private water supplies and has, for many years, emphasised the importance of understanding how boreholes work and the importance of having a robust testing and maintenance program in place to ensure the quality of water is maintained. Working for local authorities, companies and private individuals we are able to advise on borehole construction and private water supply risk assessment.

Our annual Borehole Users Conference is a great way to learn more about private water supplies both from expert speakers and by simply chatting to delegates with similar experiences and challenges.

You can read the full report of the study here and find out more about our Borehole Users Conference here on our website. Also, by accessing our Envireau Knowledge section you can find a number of bulletins relating to borehole maintenance and monitoring.