Too much rain for St Andrews
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July 27, 2015

Envireau Water recently installed a flood warning system at a client’s site in the Fife area, to ensure they were prepared for extreme rainfall events. Anyone who was a fan of golf who tuned in on the second day of the Open Golf will have seen the heavy rain which continued throughout the day. In fact, the new system recorded a rainfall event on July 17th that, at its peak, was equivalent to a one in 16 year storm event. The rainfall centred on Alyth and caused significant flooding, and headaches for the organisers of the Open Golf.

The system recorded elevated water levels in rivers, but due to the localised nature of the rainfall, flood alerts and warnings weren’t trigged, though levels continue to be monitored as continued rainfall has maintained river levels at, or close to, those recorded on July 17th.

It is important to monitor flood water levels to ensure that such events don’t impact business processes. If you are concerned about flooding in your area, why not call us on 01332 871882 to see how we can help.