Updated Prospects for Spray Irrigation – Forecast for 2018
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May 10, 2018

The Environment Agency has provided their updated prospects for spray irrigation across England for those areas where irrigation is most significant.

In summary, the improving hydrological position since December 2017 has continued across the country generated from above average rainfall over the winter resulting in river flows and groundwater levels rising. Indeed, the above average rainfall particularly over March and early April 2018 has been causing operational problems for farmers at the start of the growing season. The vast majority of areas are now classed as good rather than moderate. As a result of this year’s late winter recharge groundwater levels are continuing to rise in many areas and are now well above those of April 2017. Although groundwater levels in some areas are still below normal for the time of year they are all recovering well, even moving into the normal range in places.

You can access the full Environment Agency report here.