Water Abstraction in Lincolnshire
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February 12, 2019

Nationally recognised expert in water management and water resources hydrogeology, James Dodds, spoke at a NFU Water Resources update event in Lincolnshire this month.

The importance of irrigation to the farm business was made very apparent during the 2018 summer heatwave, so this timely update came as water management has taken an ever increasing centre stage, with abstraction reform still on the cards, the licensing of trickle irrigators upon us and a need to keep an eye on 2019 prospects.

From the 1st of January 2018 it has been a requirement that abstraction of water for trickle irrigation requires an abstraction licence. James’ presentation focused on the New Authorisations process, giving practical advice and information on getting the application right. The key message for attendees to take away was that trickle licensing is upon us NOW and time is running out fast! James’ presentation is available for free in the Envireau Knowledge section of our website here.

James presented alongside Paul Hammett, a NFU Specialist in Water Resources, Darren Smith, an Environment Planning Specialist at the Environment Agency and Bob Hillier who is part of the Environment Agency National Water Resources Team.

If you were unable to attend but want to know more about Trickle Irrigation New Authorisations, we have produced an interactive handbook which covers ‘Transition Arrangements’; making and submitting your application; and a useful timeline of key deadlines, available here.