Water Level Monitoring – Method in the Madness
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August 21, 2017

The 2017 Borehole Users Conference is taking place on the 5th October in Loughborough. As 2017 celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Borehole Users Conference, it’s time to go back to basics.

If we are to understand how our borehole is performing, we need data to do it. A key piece of data is water level. Measurement of borehole water levels would seem simple, but our guest speaker, Peter Dumble, has been teaching people how to take measurements for decades and he remains astounded by the misconceptions that still exist. Peter will discuss measurement method, tools and techniques. From dip tapes to data loggers and with practical, real-time demonstrations.

Peter is an independent hydrogeologist with a specialist interest in groundwater monitoring. Since 1994 he has developed and delivered a series of highly respected groundwater monitoring courses and helped in the development of monitoring guidance for the Environment Agency and others. He is a co-founder and was, for 20 years, the Managing Director of groundwater equipment supplier, Waterra UK Limited, which was purchased in 2010 by In-Situ Inc. His practical monitoring experience extends from the UK and Ireland to Canada, the Middle East and West Africa. He writes a technical monthly blog on groundwater monitoring and related issues for In-Situ Europe.

With the conference taking place in just over a month, now is the time to book in order to secure your place.

Find out more about the conference and book here.